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War-Torn Plus Size Leggings

Indulge in the ultimate comfort with our Plus Size Leggings featuring the striking War-Torn Flag design. These leggings redefine comfort, offering ease, style, and a perfect fit. The soft fabric, wide elastic waistband, and flattering design make them ideal for evening runs, lounging on the couch, or any activity in between!

Key Features:

Crafted from 82% polyester and 18% spandex for a luxurious feel
Four-way stretch fabric that effortlessly stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains
Comfortable high waistband for added support and style
Overlock and coverstitch seams ensure durability and a polished finish
1″ wide elastic waistband for extra comfort during wear
Why Choose the War-Torn Flag Design?
Our exclusive design tells a story of resilience and sacrifice, making each wear a meaningful expression of strength.

Versatile Comfort and Style:
Whether you're on an evening run or relaxing at home, these leggings offer unparalleled comfort and a touch of unique style.

Please note that to maintain the integrity of the fabric and design, avoid contact with rough surfaces that may pull out the white fibers. Thank you for choosing the War-Torn Flag Plus Size Leggings to redefine comfort with a powerful statement.

Size guide

  WAIST (inches) HIPS (inches)
2XL 37 ¾-39 ⅜ 48 -49 ⅝
3XL 41 -42 ½ 51 ⅛-52 ¾
4XL 44 ⅛-45 ⅝ 54 ⅜-55 ⅞

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