Our Story

I'm a veteran, did few in the Navy overseas. I went through a rough patch with losing friends and a relationship. Then came the drinking. This was the backdrop for some alcohol-related "challenges" that resulted in rehab in point Loma, CA. After treatment, I received an honorable discharge, and I became homeless.

Fast forward, I'm driving semi working on the oilfields in North Dakota, and I would visit my buddy in Ohio (who took me in when I was homeless). See, my friend and I were always talking about wanting to help vets and their families. Then ultimate sacrifice apparel was born. So I moved to Ohio. While doing this, I had donated to a few charities that didn't live up to their promises.

So after some time of looking, I found Michigan bikers helping veterans, the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund and the Fallen Patriot Fund. Our VA system is overwhelmed, and I'm tired of hearing about families not receiving proper help or vets not getting the treatments in a timely fashion that they so desperately need or, in some sad cases, needed.

I'm starting small, donating 10% of quarterly net profits to these charities. With the hope to contribute more as the company grows and to more charities.

I want it to raise awareness for PTSD and depression; I want to motivate those who are down. I know what we can accomplish with time and support. I haven't even launched yet and already have a crowd behind us, including our partner country singer Brent Lowery.